New nursery solution

The new nursery solution from the company of WILKA meets all the requirements called for in a nursery and complies
with the standards EN 179 and EN 1125.

In a nursery it is essential that, in an emergency, the children have a chance to leave the building, without the assistance of an adult.
At the same time, the children must not be allowed to leave the facility unobserved under normal working conditions.

The solutions currently available fail to meet these requirements, as it is only possible to open the door by means of the handle near the top.
Hence, the children would have no way of escaping in an emergency without the help of an adult.

WILKA has developed two solutions that conform fully to the requirements of EN 179 and 1125: depending on the door arrangement, two door handles and a door guard, or a handle in combination with an e-bar, are fitted on the door and are connected by a bar within the door profile.

In everyday use, the door is opened by pressing on the upper handle. Thus it is possible to go through it without causing an acoustic or visual signal that any unauthorised exit would trigger. In an emergency situation, the children are able to open the door by means of an e-bar – setting off an alarm. Any unauthorised attempted opening of the door due to light pressure on the e-bar is signalled by a pre-alarm and a red visual signal.

This mechanical nursery solution is available in functions B and E with a bolt from 30 mm upwards as part of the 6000 escape door series.

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