VdS certified

It is the task of the VdS to make life difficult for burglars. The laboratory engineers at VdS test the security of products that protect against burglars. It is in the laboratory that the perpetrator’s precise techniques and tools are used to clearly define which products will make the best contribution to your safety. The specialists at VdS are always completely up-to-date with the perpetrator’s level of knowledge as a result of their own research and due to constantly exchanging information with the police, insurers and manufacturers. Security is a high priority for WILKA. In addition to the registered single key locks of the Primus and H400 series tested and recognized according to VdS guidelines, VdS-tested profile cylinders can also be integrated in all types of lock and key systems. They are used to protect safety-critical areas within the property.
Further information may be obtained at: www.vds.de and www.vds-home.de (source: VdS 5505:2011-07 (01))