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Update: 25.05.2020

Dear customers,
dear business partners,

like you, WILKA is confronted daily with new information and regulations due to the current corona situation. We are in constant contact with the local authorities in order to do our part to further contain the spread of the virus. Fortunately, we at WILKA have not had a single case of corona so far and are still doing everything we can to prevent this from happening in the future.

For the 10th week in a row, we are now working in a shift model and spatial separation, with the sole aim of maintaining business operations with as few restrictions as possible. We expect that we will be able to return to a regulated work flow step by step through further relaxation of the regulations, but, in general, we will not take any risks.
Due to the change in working methods, in some cases restrictions have been imposed on you, for which we ask for your understanding. Our colleagues at WILKA are working very hard to offer you the best possible service under these special circumstances.

We ask for your understanding that personal meetings with our employees are only possible in exceptional cases. You can still reach us by post, email and telephone as usual.

Stay healthy!

Robert Schlieper
Managing Partner


Status: 20.03.2020

Dear WILKA partner,

The current situation in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) naturally also impacts what is happening at WILKA. We have already taken numerous measures to help curb the spread and, of course, to protect our employees and their environment.

Nevertheless, we aim to provide our customers and business partners with the best possible support. As of today, our business operations are guaranteed. We ask for your understanding that personal meetings are not possible for the time being. You can still contact the WILKA team in writing, by e-mail and telephone at the usual times.

Many of our employees are already working from home or in closed rooms where there is no personal contact with colleagues. In production and other important areas of the company, we have switched to working on different shifts, so that the risk of contact can be greatly reduced and the space per person is significantly increased.

Given the current developments, we ask for your understanding that, despite all the measures and precautions taken, there may be some small delays in scheduling, which have not yet become apparent. We are re-assessing the situation on a daily basis and will implement the official recommendations or orders of the authorities. If necessary we will inform you about new developments via our website.

Please stay healthy!

Your WILKA team

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